Please contact us at if you are interested in hosting one of our workshops at your school or home.  We cover a variety of topics and can cater our workshops to meet your specific needs or interests.  

Language Acquisition

Come learn what typical language acquisition looks like and which red flags to look out for in your child's speech and language development.  We will go over developmental milestones, how to facilitate language development, and open a conversation for you to share your experiences and concerns regarding your child's development.

Science of Play

Play is the source of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development for children.  Through play, children explore and connect with their environment and others to understand the world around them.  We will teach you how to optimize their play to address all developmental milestones in a fun and creative way.

The Bilingual Child

Are you concerned that learning multiple languages will impede your child's development?  Let us ease your worries and teach you what typical bilingual language development looks like.  We will help you distinguish between language difference and true language delays, and how to help facilitate language development across languages.