"I can’t recommend Danielle highly enough. She worked with my son at the time when we faced the greatest struggle over his delayed speech, and we credit her with the amazing progress he
made between ages 4 and 5.

Danielle is sweet and joyful and my son took to her instantly. She managed to strike just the right balance between making the session fun and ensuring that my son worked hard. She was also extremely patient and resourceful, as my son was stubbornly resistant to many of the standard speech techniques.

She was also wonderful to work with as a parent. She communicated his progress very clearly and always came prepared with supplemental materials for us to use during the week.

Our son has received speech since he was two, so we have worked with many excellent therapists over the years. But his fastest progress, and most enjoyable sessions, have always come when working with Danielle!" - T.P.

"Even if we all have the same goal when we come to see a speech therapist, each child has very different personalities and needs.  Ilana knows exactly how to adapt to them, see their strengths, and build on them so they progress quickly.  She has a special sense with children - she is gifted!

Our son had hearing loss, which led to struggles with speech and language development.  When we started sessions with Ilana, our son wasn't speaking at all.  It was really difficult to apprehend what he wanted, but somehow Ilana was still able to understand him.  She taught him how to communicate when all of us were becoming frustrated.  We were very impressed how quickly our son gained confidence, how quickly he was able to express himself, and how she increased his appetite for knowledge.  Ilana set our son free!  She genuinely cares about her patients and she does everything she can to have them succeed.

So, I just wanted to say how deeply grateful we are that we found you.  You are a blessing to our son and our family.  Thank you!" - H.P.

"Danielle Bloch has worked with my daughter, A, for the past year and a half since my daughter started Pre-k 4.  A had some immature speech patterns and some articulation issues that needed to be addressed.  Danielle not only has been wonderful to work with, she has helped A make enormous improvements in her speech and articulation. 

Danielle uses play based teaching techniques to introduce new skills to my daughter.  A looks forward to her weekly play date, as she calls it, with Danielle.  She can't wait for Danielle to arrive and to play with her, which makes her "tutoring" a pleasure to have." - S.L.